Welcome to BCN Communication Network

BCN Communication Network is dynamic and flexible in its business approach, always exploring new markets and new technologies to make long-term investments. This is part of the reason why BCN has grown from a local cable network service company in Faisalabad to become one of the leading investment group nationwide in less than decade. At the time of its beginning in Pakistan 2003, BCN cable network had a cable network subscriber base of 15 thousand. By the end of the fourth quarter 2009 this reached 1.6 million. The BCN Group is now a driving force in the industry of fiber optic cable network.

The BCN Group also owns a portfolio of commercial real-estate and business ventures in the US which includes shopping centers, multi story apartment buildings, office plazas, housing subdivisions, a wholesale petroleum distribution network, and petroleum retail outlets

The BCN Group portfolio in Pakistan now includes one of the largest commercial shopping plazas in Faisalabad, a ghee mill, a fiber optic cable network, a housing subdivision and several notable business ventures.